She not just heals my medical condition but she senses my soul, spirit and Heart”. -mjc.. . ..............”Lucía makes acupuncture treatments a comfortable rewarding and rejuvenating experience.
— DC
I think Lucía Cordúa is an amazing healer. I am a believer in Acupuncture and have had treatments in the past. She is without doubt the best! She has helped me with a serious knee injury, helped me with stomach issues and most excitedly has transformed my skin in just 6 sessions of facial acupuncture and could not be happier with the results!!
— Charity Yarborough
I’m not kidding with you when I say Lucia Callejas Cordua has saved my life. She is the most compassionate and talented acupuncturist I’ve ever met. There has been such a huge difference in every aspect of my health that I’ve found a way to put her in my weekly budget. She is the biggest blessing and best health decision I’ve ever made
— Lori Freese
There are many more positive comments & words of praise, than are listed below, I can attest to regarding Lucia Cordua and her profession. Mrs Cordua is extremely: well educated and learned as is evidenced by her wall of certifications & credentials; accomplished & professional with her procedures as well as meticulous and proficient. Her working surroundings are perfectly sterile and truly tranquil. Following only 5 weeks of treatments, I can see definite & positive changes in my skin plus my personal state of mind. I honestly feel rejuvenated!. I highly recommend Acuwellness of Houston. Furthermore, Mrs Cordúa is absolutely adorable— just wait until you see her beautiful smile! Thank You, Lucía
— R.B.
With chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren disease and fybromyalgia I was always in pain. I was also depressed and without energy. Mrs Cordua has brought me back to life. The pain level has decreased considerably, I feel happy and full of energy. I didn’t believe that acupuncture could accomplish this, but with Mrs Cordua’s knowledge and expertise and the caring and compassion I am convinced. She is awesome.
— Margarita Mejía
    "I have had retro cervical dystonia for 24 years, it has gotten worse and worse, to the point that I could not hold my head up without holding my head with both hands. I have been to 17 doctors, from neurologists to pain doctors to physical therapists and years of Botox injections. Nothing helped until I started coming to Lucia Cordua for acupuncture in December 2017. I see her weekly. It has been an amazingly wonderful journey. After 7 1/2 months, I am so much better. Lucia is so caring and so exceptionally smart."   A.Smith